A Wider World

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Who We Are

A Wider World started when Roger McCarville realized that there were many good people and organizations serving people with disabilities - but they were not getting the attention and praise that they deserved. Having been involved in television in Michigan for many years, Roger knew the best way to honor them was create his own television show. He started "Disabilities Today" in January of 1999. WTVS, a PBS affiliate in Detroit, MI was the first station to run the show. Since then, the program has grown and is now aired in over 45 markets around the country. We've done stories around the globe - China, Ireland, Peru, Canada - and of course throughout the US. Seen weekly, A Wider World looks at people, organizations, athletics, technology, products and services within the disabled community. Roger passed away in 2009, but will always be the driving force behind the program. If he were here today I'm sure that he'd want to express his gratitude for the support we've received from so many people. 

Why Us?

We are the only weekly television program of it's kind airing every week in the United States.