A Wider World

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Where to find us

PBS stations that air A Wider World

San Francisco - KCSM          Saturdays 1:30 PM

San Francisco - KRCB          Thursdays 11:00 AM

San Francisco - KTEH           Sundays 6:00 AM

Detroit - WTVS                       Tuesdays 5:30 PM

Denver - KBDI                       Thursdays 11:30 PM

Central Michigan - WCMU     Tuesdays 1 PM

Michigan Stations                  Tuesdays 1 PM


Sacramento - KVIE66         Mondays 7:00 AM

Indianapolis - WIPB            Fridays 2:30 PM

Oregon Public Broadcasting  Tuesdays 5 AM

If A Wider World is not shown in your area, please call your local PBS affilaite and ask them to consider airing the program. We do offer it at no cost to any PBS affiliate, and with the advent of digital TV and the additional channels most PBS affiliates have, adding a program such as our is usyually no problem - they just need to hear that there is an interest! Ask for the program director. Thank you!